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An online math magazine dedicated to empowering math educators across Canada and beyond

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Empowering Math educators

Each issue is filled with features such as:
  • In-depth articles that dive deep into the biggest issues facing math teachers today
  • Interactive webinars and Q&As covering all things math, from curriculum queries to teaching strategies
  • Instructional and demo videos to help build and expand your foundational math skills
  • Downloadable, shareable activities to engage your students and keep them practising anytime, anywhere
  • And much more exclusive content to inspire you to provide the best possible learning experiences to your students, especially in challenging times
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An online magazine focusing on Math education

Launched in September 2021, M Magazine is an exciting project from internationally renowned mathematics educator, author, and professional learning consultant Marian Small and award-winning publisher Rubicon | A Savvas Company.

M Magazine‘s in-depth feature articles, teaching strategies, instructional videos, webinars, opportunities for collaboration, and other exciting components help math educators and school leaders navigate the challenges facing them today. M Magazine will keep you inspired and knowledgeable about best practices in math to excite your students and help them thrive.

This has been an interesting time for all of us. Before we started M Magazine in 2021, one of the things I missed most was the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country to talk to teachers and see what I could do to help them in the area of mathematics education. So, I approached Rubicon, the group that brought you MathUP, and together we decided to launch an online mathematics education magazine for teachers that I thought would serve our needs—my need to interact with you, and your need for on-the-spot, at-your-leisure information.
— Marian Small


Click below to explore some of the features you will find in every issue of M Magazine.


Marian taps into her decades of experience to answer reader questions about math pedagogy. If you have questions about using technology, choosing between different strategies, collecting assessment data, or anything related to teaching math at all, Marian has advice and insight to share.


In short, targeted video segments, Marian gives you hands-on demonstrations of fun and engaging tasks that you can share with your students.


When we’re looking for innovation, sometimes we have to look only to our students. “Things We Love” introduces you to creative strategies and games that students have invented.


In “The Latest,” M Magazine brings you a pair of in-depth feature articles and interviews each issue. M Magazine goes into detail about topics that are on the minds of math educators now, such as teaching virtually, understanding equity, and teaching financial literacy.


Feeling lost in the virtual teaching environment? Confused by a curriculum change? You’re not alone. Marian brings her insight to thorny, complicated questions that don’t have easy answers, and she clarifies what the real issues are.


This new, reader-inspired section spotlights a children’s book that could be used to engage your students, elicit valuable mathematical thinking, and introduce important math concepts.


Marian will conduct live webinars on specific topics, such as critical thinking and assessment.


Building on the teaching strategies explored in Marian and Rubicon’s resources MathUP and Open Questions, “Shareables” are learning resources for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. M Magazine will provide you with special activities for teachers and parents, as well as games and additional practice activities.

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